When you come to Taiwan, besides sightseeing and taste some delicious Taiwanese food, you could have a relaxing night at some best bars in Taipei, Taipei is famous for having a lot of fun at night. But how could you find these best bars in Taipei which are hidden and the entrance is a bit hard to find so that you might probably miss it easily.

Go through this article we have prepared for you, moreover, add these best bars in Taipei to your list and expect to enjoy your wonderful nightlife when you are in Taipei.

R&D Cocktail Lab

R&D Cocktail Lab is a mysterious bar without the menu, there is no obvious sign so that you will probably miss it, after opening the thick wall marked with the chemical formula logo, a totally different world will reveal – suddenly marvel about what a stunning and gorgeous space of Chinese-style decor.

Every single bar has its own characteristic, R&D Cocktail Lab is the unique, fusion of Chinese and Western Architectural Styles bar.

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They also have the honor to be one of “2016 Asia’s 50 Best Bars ”.

People are always attracted by the great atmosphere, amazing cocktails and good service, they will offer the best cocktail choice depends on your taste, mood and what types of cocktail you like, even thoroughly concern about whether you feel comfortable or not. Everything in R&D is just so great and cozy.

Hours :

Mon: Closed 

Tue – Thu: 1900 – 0200 

Fri – Sat: 1900 – 0300 

Sun: 1830 – 0030

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Alchemy Bar Taipei

Although Alchemy Bar is located in the bustling Xinyi District, it’s still not easy to find out because Alchemy Bar is hidden in the second floor of the MARQUEE restaurant, you have to make the reservation in advance so that usher can lead you to upstairs, the American retro-style decor of the 1920s – 1930s will appear after sliding the wooden handleless wall.

Not only Alchemy Bar is the first speakeasy in Taiwan but also is awarded the 2016 top 50 best bars in Asia (ranked 15th).

Hours :

Mon – Sun: 2000 – 0230

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Reservation:+886 2 2720 0080

A Train Leads The Way To Jazz

It’s a bar hidden on the second floor of the old apartment, just open the door and join a jazz feast!

A train is a very popular jazz music bar in Taipei, so it is always fully occupied at early 7:00 pm, they also offer the variety of cocktails, some of them are made with Taiwanese local fruits; mojito is one of the most popular cocktails, which especially has a sugar cane in the cup as a stirring stick, besides, food is tasty also. 

Definitely here has a good vibe to chill with friends after work.

They have another 3 different style branches in Taipei (B line, C park and D town), you can feel the totally different atmosphere,  but the same perfect experience there.

Hours :

Sun – Thu: 1800 – 0200

Fri – Sat: 1830 – 0300

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Reservation:+886 2 2721 2322

Geography Bar

Geography Bar is located in the bustling area of Ximending. There is no signboard and on the fourth floor of the old commercial building, the way to go upstairs is by the elevator which is next to the fast food store(TKK Fried Chicken).

The menu shows a map of Taiwan and each city has a special cocktail which is used with the local elements such as Taiwanese fruit, tea, soy milk, ice jelly and Kinmen Kaoliang (Sorghum) Liquor.

You can pick out a city as the start point and then drink around Taiwan!

Hours :

Sun – Thu: 1900 – 0200

Fri – Sat: 1900 – 0300

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Reservation:+886 2 2331 0255


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HANKO 60(@hanko_60)分享的貼文 張貼

Located at No.60, Hankou Street, Ximending, here is an old theater with a bar hidden behind. Pressing the push button at the door, the door will automatically open, then you will enter this secret bar with nostalgic atmosphere.

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You must have popcorn while going to the cinema, give 「cinema」a try, a special one with real popcorn over the cocktail, which is one of the most popular cocktails.

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HANKO 60(@hanko_60)分享的貼文 張貼

Hours :

Sun – Thu: 2000 – 0200

Fri – Sat: 2000 – 0300

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Reservation:+886 2 2381 0808

45 Pub

Best Bars in Taipei

In the day, here is a small Chinese medicine pharmacy located in an old-fashioned building on the Taipei street, but there is a bar also in the night, which is passed by easily if you don’t pay attention, steep stairways lead to great second floor bar, narrow space but crowd every night. 

45 pub offers tasty salty pie and inexpensive drink, so it is inevitable that you will drink a few more cups, but be careful to go downstairs while you are drunk.

Hours :

Mon – Sun: 1800 – 0400

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Reservation:+886 2 2321 2140

THERE IS ONE MORE THING you need to know

I believe you’ll have so much fun at these wonderful bars in Taipei, in addition, there are a few things you must take care while you are going to leave. The last train of Taipei MRT is around 12 AM-midnight, same to buses, so please don’t drive under the influence, instead of taking a taxi or uber, even choose the hotel nearby would be good!.

Anyway, the most important thing is “TO BE SAFE”


  1. Thanks for sharing such a detailed list of nice bars. They really catch me, because each bar gets different style, some are modern, some are classical, while some look antique. Really amazing. I imagine the nightlife in Taiwan must be quite relaxing. Wish will have the opportunity to visit there.

  2. Ahearst

    Hi CharlesLu
    We are planning to spend our summer break in Taiwan sometimes in late June or early July. These bars would be an interesting places to hang out at night . Just curious I am only 18 years old, not sure if Taiwan has legal drinking age. If it does , what’s the legal drinking age. In US its 21.
    Do they check your ID over there ? Can they spot fake ID ?

    1. Hi Ahearst,
      1.Legal drinking age in Taiwan is 18 years old,so you don’t need to worry about that!
      2.They don’t check your ID/Passport in bars,but if you wanna go to the night club you must bring ID/passport with you,night club check ID/Passport very strictly.
      If you have any questions please feel free to ask 🙂

  3. Ron

    the first thing I think of when reading your posts, is what I have been missing.
    The articles serve a great purpose in reminding us how to live, and you have done what most of us only dream about.
    More than a recital of best bars, it is a wake up for those of us who haven’t experienced the things you obviously have – to get moving!

    A great job in getting us to live more adventuresome lives,
    Great motivational posts.

  4. Great article Charles, very informative with all information we could possibly need such as working hours, how to find and incredible description of every bar. I always wanted to visit Taiwan and if I will, I’m going to follow your advice and definitely visit one of those bars.
    Because they hard to find they must be really local thing as well and I love local bars and restaurants, they are so much better than places made for tourists. Thank you for sharing!

  5. shuai

    Wow, it is great post, I think I have to collect it. I will go to Taiwan next year, I am in need of such a content as a guide. I hope you can make some introductions about good restaurants, which many people will need.

  6. I’ve never been to Taiwan. But once I have time I think I should go to visit Taiwan and try the bars in Taipei as you recommended above.
    Some of them look so attractive. It is great information and thanks for sharing.

  7. Taipei is a place I really want to visit in my lifetime especially the natural features such as Maokong and Yangmingshan.
    You have shared great information about places to choose from if I am to relax after a day well spent touring.
    I prefer the Geography Bar because it is a name I cannot forget and it is also close to Maokong.

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    is truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels.
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