Bitan Scenic Area – Relaxing Boat Ride and Beautiful Scenery

Bitan Scenic Area – Relaxing Boat Ride and Beautiful Scenery

Bitan Scenic Area(碧潭)is a leisure place to go.

Besides nature scenic, there are much more fun and delicious food.

Read this post to know what to do and how to make a day trip schedule to Bitan.

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Where is Bitan

Bitan(碧潭)is a famous scenic spot located in Xindian District. It is named Bitan because of the emerald lake.

Here you can enjoy panoramic views from the suspension bridge over the river, and there are boat rentals under the bridge, you can enjoy boating, ride a bike around the river, and admire the lights at night.

How to Get There

The best and most convenient way to Bitan is by MRT, you can take MRT to Xindian station [G01], and take 2 mins to walk there.

What to Do in Bitan

#1 Bitan Suspension Bridge (碧潭吊橋)

The most representative attraction in Bitan is the suspension bridge.

The Bitan Suspension Bridge is 200 meters long and built by the Japanese in 1937.

You can walk across the bridge and see the Bitan scenery, the scenery is different between the day and night, it is recommended that you must see both when you have time.

#2 Bitan Swan Boating(天鵝船遊湖)

Don’t miss the swan boating in Bitan, it’s a special experience to admire the riverside scenery and watch closely the cliff is inscribed with the Chinese character “Bitan”.

Do you want to try the popular activity of stand up paddle boarding in Bitan?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at the Bitan Scenic Area

  • 3-hour SUP tour through the famous aquamarine waters of Bitan Scenic Area.
  • Learn to SUP with an English/Mandarin speaking instructor.
  • Leave beautiful memories by photography services.

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#3 Hemei Mountain Trail (和美山步道)

Hemei Mountain Trail is a hiking trail suitable for all ages.

Hemei Mountain is only 152 meters high, so it is not difficult to reach the top.

The view from the top of the mountain is amazing, from Bitan and Bitan Suspension Bridge to the Taipei 101 building.

#4 Lakeside Restaurant (河岸餐廳)

There are many restaurants beside Bitan Lake, you can enjoy the food while enjoying the lake view, and feel comfortable and relaxed.

There will be a light show in Bitan at night, accompanied by live music performances in the restaurant, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the night of Bitan under the influence of music.

#5 Guangming Street Snack(光明街小吃)

Guangming Street is a famous snack street near Bitan. There are many famous household foods, which are loved by the locals.

Yong Bo Rice Noodle Soup(勇伯米粉湯)

Yong Bo Rice Noodle Soup is a 40-years-old stall, it is also a memory for many locals since they were little.

The soup of rice noodle soup is rich and full of rice noodles with the price is only 25 NT dollars. Other side dishes are also very delicious and affordable.

  • Yong Bo Rice Noodle Soup(勇伯米粉湯)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2912-3478
    • Hours:Tue – Sun 09:00~20:00 | Mon Closed

Guangming Rd. Oil Rice(光明街油飯)

Guangming Rd. Oil Rice is famous in this street, the oil rice here is the authentic northern taste – mushroom oily rice.

It tastes fragrant, with sweet and spicy sauce, it makes you appetizing, you must not miss it.

  • Guangming Rd. Oil Rice(光明街油飯)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2915-2773
    • Hours:Sun – Thu 09:30~20:30 | Fri – Sat 10:30~20:30

Liu Lian Noodle(劉漣麵)

It’s a very creative shop offering many special dishes, such as Basil Spicy Chili Con Carne Noodles with Century Egg, and Three Color Rice, which is made from Century egg, Chili con carne, and minced pork sauce.

These dishes are welcomed and loved by everyone.

  • Liu Lian Noodle(劉漣麵
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2911-3053
    • Hours:Mon – Fri 11:30~14:00, 17:00~21:00 | Sat – Sun Closed

Bei Ya Duck Thick Soup(北鴨鴨肉羹)

Bei Ya Duck Thick Soup on Guangming Street has an unremarkable signboard and a small storefront, but there are many crowds during meal times.

The meat of the thick soup is duck meat instead of pork, which is soft and tender, and the soup is very refreshing.

Duck rice is also a popular meal in the restaurant. The rice is topped with duck oil and duck meat which makes you have an appetite.

  • Bei Ya Duck Thick Soup(北鴨鴨肉羹
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2910-4565
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 11:00~20:30 | Wed Closed

What Else Fun near Bitan

# Wulai(烏來)

Wulai is located in a mountain town in northern Taiwan. It is an Atayal tribal village.

According to legend, the name Wulai was originally the term of the Atayal aborigines “Ulay”, meaning hot springs, that’s why the local hot springs are quite famous.

In addition, Wulai Waterfall, blossom cherry, and Wulai old street aboriginal food are also featured.

When you come to Wulai, you can enjoy hot springs, see waterfalls, and try delicious aboriginal snacks.

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How I Plan My Trip to Bitan

Guangming Street – Bitan Suspension Bridge – Bitan Swan Boating or Hemei Mountain Trail – Lakeside Restaurant

It is recommended to arrive at Xindian MRT Station around noon, first go to Guangming Street to have lunch, then take beautiful photos at Bitan Suspension Bridge.

Next, you can take swan boating or keep walking along the suspension bridge and head to the Hemei Mountain trail.

After sunset, pick up one of the lakeside restaurants for dinner and enjoy the night view, especially the Bitan Suspension Bridge lit up at night is also beautiful. Make a perfect ending.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, in this post, you’ve learned every piece of information about Bitan, what’s fun and what must eat around Bitan. Moreover, If you still have any questions about your trip to Bitan, please leave them in the comments below, I will be more than happy to help you out:)

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