Dihua Street Taipei – Where Traditional and Modern meet

Dihua Street Taipei – Where Traditional and Modern meet

Dihua Street (迪化街) is an old street located in the Dadaocheng area, Taipei. In the 19th century, as the establishment of Dadaocheng wharf, Dihua Street slowly developed into the biggest commercial center for trading Chinese medicine, tea, rice, dried goods, and fabrics. Today, Dihua Street is still a wholesale distribution hub draws thousands of people flocking into the narrow street to purchase traditional necessities for the Lunar New Year holiday celebration during Chinese New Year every year.

As the oldest street in Taipei, its history and architecture have been preserved due to the city government’s conservation efforts. Nowadays culture-creative shops, art yard, stylish restaurants, and cafes revitalize this historic street, all of them bring new life to the old Baroque architecture and traditional Fujian-style houses.

Although Dihua Street’s popularity is not as big as Taipei 101, it’s a great place to soak up the historic vibe and know about the story of Old Taipei.

How to Get There 

Dihua Street Taipei

Dihua Street is 800 meters long and takes Minsheng West Road (Central Street) as a boundary that divides the street into two parts: South Street (south of the Minsheng W. Rd.) and North Street (north of the Minsheng W. Rd.)

Three streets have their own close MRT station, you can choose which station to enter Dihua street depending on your itinerary.

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South Street

MRT Beimen:Exit 3 → Tacheng St. → Dihua St. (Walking around 5 min)

North Street

MRT Daqiatou:Exit 1 → Minquan W. Rd. → Dihua St. (Walking around 8-10 min)

Central Street

MRT Shuanglian:Exit 2 → Minsheng W. Rd.→ the Intersection of Dihua St. and Minsheng W. Rd. (Walking around 15 min)

Things to Do and See Near South Street

Dihua Street Taipei

South street is a hot spot both for locals and visitors, is also the first stop for most people to start exploring Dihua Street.


A.S. Watson & Co. Building (屈臣氏大藥房)

Built in 1917, A.S. Watson & Co. was the first western pharmacy in Taiwan, due to a merciless fire, its entire interior was totally burned off and stood empty for at least a decade.

Until 2015, this Baroque architecture was restored to its former glory and turned into a culture-creative center (ArtYard 1) that offers Bookstore 1920s, ASW Tea House and Luguo Cafe,etc., which have attracted visitors crowd to the historic neighborhood.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2552-1321
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 09:30~19:00

Dadaocheng Theater (大稻埕戲苑)

On the 8th and 9th floors of Yongle Market, Dadaocheng Theater is a place to watch Taiwanese opera, traditional puppet play show, and the exhibition gallery of an explanation about Taiwan’s drama history.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2556-9101
  • Hours:Tue – Sun 09:00~17:00  | Mon Closed

Taipei Xiahai City God Temple (霞海城隍廟)

Taipei Xiahai City God Temple is renowned for its matchmaking powers drawing many tourists overseas or local to pray for finding their love in the future.

 < 12 Steps to Pray in Taipei Xiahai City God Temple >
  1. The first-time prayer should pay NT$260 ($8.3) for an offering set (a lead coin, a red thread, and wedding candy).
  2. Pay NT$50 ($1.6) for Joss paper and three incense sticks before praying.
  3. Light the three incense sticks.
  4. Face the incense burner outside the temple, pray and introduce yourself  (name, date of birth, and address) to the Sky God.
  5. Pray and introduce yourself to the City God (城隍爺)and matchmaker God (月下老人), then tell the gods that what type of mate you are looking for. 
  6. Pray to Yi-Yong Going (義勇公)for good protection.
  7. Pray to the Wife of the City God (城隍夫人)for having a good relationship and marriage with your mate. 
  8. Pray to the Buddha(菩薩)for having wisdom and peaceful minds.
  9. Insert the three incense sticks in the incense burner.
  10. Wave a lead coin and a red thread clockwise above the incense burner three times, then keep the red thread and coin in your purse or wallet, which will help you find your perfect one.
  11. Drink the blessed tea which is made from wedding candy.
  12. Put your Joss paper in the box. Staff will burn it for you. 
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  • Tel:+886 2 2558-0346
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 06:16~19:47

Salon 1920s (貳零年華)

Source: KLOOK

Salon 1920s is a place to rent and wear a traditional Chinese qipao, they offer not only various styles of qipao for you to choose from but makeup and hairstyle service to suit your preferences.

Walking down the Dihua old streets while wearing qipao, you can feel like you are going back to the 1920s and experience the beauty of Taipei’s old neighborhood.

Try Chinese Qipao Now – Going Back to the 1920s

  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 922-046-799
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 10:00~18:00

Dadaocheng Visitor Center  (大稻埕旅遊資訊站)

Dihua Street Taipei

At Dadaocheng visitor center, you can get any travel information and help, buy various nice souvenirs, even rent a traditional Chinese qipao for free.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2550-6959
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 09:30~18:30


Yongle Fabric Market (永樂布業商行)

Yongle Fabric Market is the largest fabric distribution center in Taipei, the market owns tons of fabric stalls on the second floor offering various and unique fabrics with a reasonable price and has custom clothing shops on the third floor.

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  • Hours:Mon – Sat 10:00~18:00 | Sun Closed

A Design & Life Project

A Taiwanese old house with the retro American industrial interior decor, Design & Life Project is a stylish shop selling furniture, decoration, accessories, storage supplies, dishes, hardware, stationery, and bags, etc.

Although the price is slightly higher, it’s a good value for money.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2555-9908
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 11:00~19:00


Fleisch Cafe (福來許珈琲館)

Dihua Street Taipei

Sitting at Fleisch cafe opposite the Xiahai City God Temple and drinking a special cup of western coffee mixed with Chinese medicine, along with the antique interior and waitresses wearing the qipao, you will strongly feel about going back to 1930s.

Dihua Street Taipei

They also serve creative coffee, exquisite cakes, and tasty meal, especially on the weekend night, it will turn into a modern bar.

Dihua Street Taipei
  • Avg. Cost:NT$120~500 ($3.8~16)
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  • Tel:+886 2 2556-2526
  • Hours:Sun – Wed 11:00~24:00 | Thu – Sat 11:00~01:00

South Street Delight Tea House (南街得意)

Located on the second floor of a western style old building next to the Xiahai City God Temple, South Street Delight is a mistery tea house hidden in the lively Dihua Street. Compared with the outside hustle and bustle street, the ambiance of the inside tea house is so quiet, private and unique.

There is a wide selection of Taiwanese oolong, black tea, green tea, and world tea, you can fully enjoy tea and indulge in a quiet moment.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$280 ($8.9)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2552-1367 #21
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 11:00~19:00

Yongchang Tofu Pudding (永昌傳統豆花店)

The popular almond tofu pudding and almond tea have been being kept its traditional flavor since 1977, as an almond lover, can’t miss this soft and sweet summer/winter dessert.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$35~75 ($1.1~2.4)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2552-5791
  • Hours:Tue – Sun 09:00~17:00 | Mon Closed

See Me Look (幸福甜品茶米露)

Established in 2014, See Me Look is a dessert shop selling homemade Sago Soup, the signature is that the owner mixes the traditional Taiwanese tea with the Sago Soup, you can enjoy the high-quality ingredients and sweet smell of tea.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$60~100 ($1.9~3.2)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2555-9281
  • Hours:Tue – Sun 11:00~17:00 | Mon Closed

Yao de Herb (姚德和青草號)

When walking down the Dihua Street under the scorching heat of summer day, you must want to drink something cool, you can try Taiwanese traditional herbal tea, Yao de Herb is a well-known store for selling Taiwanese traditional herbal tea in Dadaocheng since 1946, the unique and traditional flavor always draws many locals to buy a cup of herbal tea for cooling down in the heat summer day.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$40 ($1.3)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2558-9510
  • Hours:Mon – Sat 08:30~20:00 | Sun 08:30~18:00

Mikkeller Taipei (米凱樂啤酒吧)

Mikkeller is a cozy bar hidden in a traditional Fujian-style house, with the bright lights, Scandinavian style, and serving a selection of draft beers from a different country, it’s a good place to chill with a couple of friends after a day street tour.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$300~600 ($9.6~19.2)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2558-8978
  • Hours:Sun – Thu 16:00~24:00 | Fri – Sat 16:00~01:00 | Tue Closed

Things to Do and See Near Nouth Street

Dihua Street Taipei

Compared to South Street, North Street is less hustle and bustle and you can feel more atmosphere of the old neighborhood. Many small specialty shops along this street make this area a great place for shopping.



Built in 1962, the interior of the building is filled with terrazzo design, museum207 is a small exhibition for free to visit, visitors can see many collections and learn the rich cultural history of Taiwan , you can have a cup of coffee at the corner of the third floor, or chill out at the top floor and overlook the street view.

Dihua Street Taipei
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2557-3680
  • Hours:Mon – Fri 10:00~17:00 | Sat – Sun 10:00~17:30 | Tue Closed

AMA Museum (阿嬤家-和平與女性人權館)

AMA museum is a small but meaningful exhibition to make visitors understand the struggles and hardships that Taiwanese comfort women suffered during the WW2, mainly remind us not to forget the tragic past and dedicate to women’s rights movement.

  • Admission Fee:NT$100 ($3.2)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2553-7133
  • Hours:Wed – Sun 10:00~17:00 | Mon – Tue Closed


Qinjing Old Warehouse (秦境老倉庫)

Qinjing Old Warehouse is a thrift shop hidden far from hustle dihua street, the owner loves to collect goods which are from a different era in Taiwan. Although it is a little store, many people come in and dig some interesting treasure.

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  • Tel:+886 921-067-050
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 13:00~18:00 | Sun Closed

Da Hua Hang (大華行)

The hundred-year-old traditional store sells various bamboo kitchenware (from bamboo steamers, bamboo bucket, bamboo lunch boxes, to bamboo utensils.) and colorful nylon bag, these old-time essentials are still popular in the new era.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2553-0482
  • Hours:Wed – Mon 10:00~19:00 | Tue 10:00~18:00

Gao Jian Bucket Shop (高建桶店)

Dihua Street Taipei

When walking down Dihua Street, you’ll see a store full of bamboo handicrafts under the store’s signboard, that is Gao Jian Bucket Shop.

This over 70 years-old traditional store sells various affordable wooden and bamboo old-time products to people can choose from slowly.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2557-3604
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 08:00~20:00

Lin Feng Yi Store (林豐益商行)

Dihua Street Taipei

This store has over 100 years of history, specialize in kitchen utensils made from traditional bamboo and wood, their limited quantities of handmade items are popular with overseas tourists.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2557-8734
  • Hours:Mon – Sat 09:00~19:00 | Sun 09:00~18:00

Full Mountain (富自山中)

The grocery store featuring Japanese style look sells regional specialty goods: brown sugar, ice jelly, quinoa and chia seeds, etc. Although the store is small, the groceries are rich and quality.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2557-8605
  • Hours:Mon – Sat 09:00~19:00 | Sun Closed

Yongxing Farm Tool Factory (永興農具工廠)

Dihua Street Taipei

Starting from selling agricultural tools 90 years ago, Yongxing Farm Tool Factory now sells kitchenware, such as professional kitchen knives, handmade cast-iron cookware and so on, also sells bamboo utensils, steamers, buckets, and wooden bath barrels.

Cast-iron cookware in this shop is well-known in its good insulation and heating, the owner will teach you how to clean and maintain your cast-iron cookware.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2553-6545
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 08:00~18:30

Lao Mian Cheng Lantern Shop (老綿成燈籠店)

Dihua Street Taipei

Lao Mian Cheng is a traditional store on Dihua Street nearly a century, this beautiful shop sells various styles and colors of homemade Taiwanese traditional paper lanterns, hanging on the door for visitors to choose from, you can take home as souvenirs for family and friends.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2557-8856
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 09:00~18:00


Lin’s Wagashi Confectionery (滋養製菓)

Dihua Street Taipei

Founded in 1953, Lin’s Wagashi Confectionery is a popular shop selling authentic Japanese wagashi, the signature Strawberry Mochi always draws many locals and foreigners.

Dihua Street Taipei

They also offer some bench on the veranda so the customer can enjoy the crispy Monaka with a cup of hot tea.

Dihua Street Taipei
  • Avg. Cost:NT$50~100 ($1.6~3.2)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2553-9553
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 09:00~19:00

Yan-zai’s Noodle (賣麵炎仔)

Dihua Street Taipei

Opened over 80 years ago, this small noodle stall is not only famous in local but also be selected in one of the Michelin Guide Taipei 2019. they provide local food such as noodles, rice noodles, pork liver soup, and the signature crispy roasted pork. There is no menu and price list, the owner will offer appropriate quantity depending on how many people you are.

Dihua Street Taipei
  • Avg. Cost:NT$50~150 ($1.6~4.8)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2557-7087
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 08:00~15:00

A-Jiao Roasted Pork (阿角紅燒肉)

If you’ve heard of Roast Pork before, you definitely can’t miss out A-Jiao Roasted Pork. Hidden in a traditional market, they serve delicious, fresh, and amazing crispy roasted pork, which draws many locals lining up for it every morning, and you can taste different cuts of pork: pork belly, pork shoulder butt, pork leg, pork loin, pork neck, and pork hock. For their popularity, you should go early to get a seat before they sell out.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$100 ($3.2)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 981-123-034
  • Hours:Sat 08:30~14:00

Ho Hsing 1947 (合興壹玖肆柒)

Dihua Street Taipei

Ho Hsing 1947 is a traditional pastry shop that has been loved by locals and foreigners for over 70 years, they keep the ancient method to make homemade steamed rice cakes. Although the steamed rice cakes are bite-sized, the texture is exquisite and chewy. Also, you can take a box of cakes with exquisite package design home as souvenirs for family and friends.

Dihua Street Taipei
  • Avg. Cost:NT$45~100 ($1.4~3.2)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2557-8060
  • Hours:Tue – Sun 11:00~19:00 | Mon Closed

Summer Tree Sweet (夏樹甜品)

Summer Tree Sweet is a dessert shop where you can enjoy a variety of almond desserts. All dessert are homemade without any preservative, so you can taste the pure ingredients. Almond Tofu Shaved Ice is my favorite one, it’s fluffy, soft and sweet taste usually draws many people coming for.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$70~140 ($2.2~4.8)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2553-6580
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 10:30~18:30

Modern Mode & Modern Mode Cafe

Dihua Street Taipei

Gently open the low-key glass door into this exotic European style cafe with retro decor and antique furniture, as if walking into another world, under the dim light, time seems to be slower than usual, you can enjoy your coffee slowly and temporarily get away from the hustle and bustle.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$100~320 ($3.2~10)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2557-1083
  • Hours:Sun – Thu 11:00~18:30 | Fri – Sat 11:30~24:00

STARBUCKS RESERVE™ Bao’an Shop (星巴克保安門市)

Located in the historic Baroque building, although the coffee is the same, the elegant interior, red brick arched window, and three-dimensional relief floral patterns make this Starbucks shop an entirely different style from the others.

  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2557-8493
  • Hours:Mon – Sun 07:00~10:30

Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple Forecourt Street Food (大稻埕慈聖宮廟前美食)

Dihua Street Taipei

In front of the temple, there are quite a lot of Taiwanese food vendors serving local Taiwanese street dishes. You can taste a variety of traditional dishes from different food vendors on the same table.

Dihua Street Taipei
< Recommended Street Food Vendors List >

Things to Do and See Near Central Street

Dihua Street Taipei

The end of the central road is Dadaocheng Pier, where you can make time for the sunset, and then enjoy the night view.


Sin Hong Choon Trade Co. (新芳春茶行)

Built in 1934, this three-story old building was once the biggest tea factory in Taipei. Nowadays it has been renovated to a traditional tea museum with interesting digital interactive media for visitors to know Taiwan’s tea culture and history in the atmosphere of tea aroma.

  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2550-4141
  • Hours:Tue – Sun 10:00~19:00 | Mon Closed

Dadaocheng Wharf & Pier 5 (大稻埕碼頭)

Dihua Street Taipei

Dadaocheng Wharf was once an important trading port in north Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty. Now pier 5 of Dadaocheng Wharf is a relaxing outdoor space with a dozen food booth, after a day trip on Dihua street, you can make time for the sunset, when the sky turns dark, you can see the night view of Taipei skyline, it’s a great place to enjoy food, drink, and a beautiful view with your friends.

Dihua Street Taipei
Dihua Street Taipei
  • Get Location
  • Hours:Mon – Fri 14:00~22:00 | Sat – Sun 12:00~22:00

Where to Stay

Originn Space

Photo from Klook

Just a few steps away from Dihua Street, OrigInn Space is a historic building full of nostalgic atmosphere, old furniture, 60s record players and music. All room have air conditioning, wardrobe, sofa, and free WiFi.

  • Price: $ 106 +
  • Internet review: 4.8/5(102reviews from Klook)
  • Reservation website: Originn Space

Play Design Hotel

Photo from Klook

2018 IF Design Award winner Play Design Hotel is a creative hotel, about 10-minute walk from Dihua Street. All guest rooms are designed by Taiwan local designers, from room amenities to bathroom supplies. They only serve 5 guest rooms offering air conditioning, modern furniture, free WiFi and a private bathroom.

  • Price: $ 171 +
  • Internet review: 4.8/5(158reviews from Klook)
  • Reservation website: Play Design Hotel

The Door Inn

Photo from Klook

The Door Inn is a simple design hotel hidden in an ordinary old house, close to Dihua Street, all room have air conditioning, flat-screen TV, and free Wifi, some room has a balcony so that you can enjoy the old street views.

  • Price: $ 130 +
  • Internet review: 4.7/5(86 reviews from Klook)
  • Reservation website: The Door Inn

D.G. Hotel

Photo from Klook

Located on Dihua Street, D.G. Hotel is a modern country style hotel, all room comes with air conditioning, flat-screen TV, and free Wifi. They also have D.G. Café, offers brunch, afternoon tea, and a wide selection of drinks.

  • Price: $ 78 +
  • Internet review: 4.5/5 (99 reviews from Booking.com)
  • Reservation website: D.G Hotel

Old Door Hostel & Bar

Photo from Klook

Close to Taipei Train Station and about 13-minute walk from Dihua Street, Old Door Hostel & Bar is the best choice for backpackers, they offer own bar, non-smoking rooms, free WiFi, shared lounge, shared kitchen, and luggage storage space.

  • Price: $ 41 +
  • Internet review: 4.6/5(45 reviews from Klook)
  • Reservation website: Old Door Hostel & Bar

Else Fun Near Dihua Street 

Taipei City Wall – North Gate

The North Gate Taipei

The North Gate, a historic landmark, was established in 1884 by the Qing dynasty, now have transformed into the Beimen Memorial Park for people to go around and take the photograph.

See also : The North Gate Taipei – the Gate Through the Past

Ningxia Night Market

One of the popular night markets in Taipei is not far from Dihua Street, nearly 200 stalls sell foods along the street throughout the night, variety of selection can fill up your stomach.

Get Location

See also: Ningxia Night Market Taipei – Top 10 Must Eat Street Food

Recommended Itineraries 

If you want to thoroughly understand the history and culture of Taipei Dihua Street, I strongly recommend that you choose one of these two in-depth tour packages below:

Go on a FREE walking tour with professional young Taiwan local guide, walk through many historic landmarks, learn about old Taipei’s history and culture, even know how Dadaocheng has transformed into a current creative hub.

Dihua Street Free Walking Tour

  • 2.5 hrs Tour
  • English Only
  • North Gate – Dihua Street



  • 2小時行程 (每週日10:00 -12:00
  • 中文導覽
  • 兩種路線選擇

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Tell us what is your most favorite part of Dihua Street? What kind of food you would like to try? If you have any questions on your trip to Dihua Street Taipei, please leave in the comments below, I will be more than happy to help you out:)

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