Jinguashi – Northeastern Taiwan’s Most Natural Spot

Jinguashi – Northeastern Taiwan’s Most Natural Spot

If you heard about Taiwan, Taipei might come to your mind.

Taipei city boasts the once highest building – Taipei 101, bustling night market and nightlife, but more than high buildings, Taipei also has rich natural landscapes.

If you’re an outdoor lover, you must visit Jinguashi, which is adjacent to Jiufen old street, its plenty of natural landscapes will surely purify your body and mind.


Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Adjacent to Jiufen, Jinguashi is a town surrounded by the mountains and Yin Yang Sea, notable for the abundance of gold and copper in the past.

Nowadays, the mining activities are no longer anymore, so many young people moved out for better development, resulting in a large loss of population.

Even so, Jinguashi still remains its special geological landscapes and mining history.

Undoubtedly, Jinguashi is worth spending a few days exploring.

Way to Jinguashi

Before starting your tour, here’s some offer information for you, Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass (TPE Airport Pick Up) and Taipei Transport Fun Pass (TPE Airport Pick Up) will be very useful when you take the public transportation.

Train to Ruifang, Bus to Jinguashi

Take the train from any station to Ruifang Station, and transfer to the Keelung Bus (788, 1062, 825, 826, and 856) and drop off at Jinguashi Stop (Gold Museum or Quan Ji Tang).

*From Taipei Main Station

  • Avg. Time:1hr~1.3hr
  • Train Fare [Local ~ Express]:NT$49~76 ($1.6~2.5) 
  • Bus Fare:NT$15 ($0.5)
  • Get Bus Stop Location

When you waiting for the bus at Ruifang bus stop, some taxi driver might tell you about taking the bus will spend 2 hours to Jiufen&Jinguashi and persuade you to cost NT$200 ($6.5) above taking a taxi is much faster and save your time. 

Please DO NOT trust them, it only takes you 20~30 minutes to Jiufen&Jinguashi and just NT$ 15 ($0.5) while taking the bus!

Bus directly to Jinguashi from Taipei City

There are two buses can go to Jinguashi directly.

Keelung Bus 1062

Heading to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, exit 2 then you will see the bus stop on your right hand side.

Taipei Bus 965

There are many stops along the MRT station you can get on, like MRT Fuzhong Station, Banqiao Station, Ximen Station, Beimen Station, or Wanhua rail station.

Do & See in Jinguashi

Jinguashi Gold Museum

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

You can take Keelung Bus (788, 825, 826, and 856) from Ruifang Train Station to Jinguashi Gold Museum. 

Also you can get here directly by taking Keelung Bus 1062 or Taipei Bus 965 bus from Taipei City.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

In the past, here is the largest gold mining area in Asia, now renovated to the first ecological museum in Taiwan.

In here you can understand Taiwan’s gold mining history and the museum display old artifacts and mining tool so that you can experience miner’s lifestyle and learn so many knowledge.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

On the second floor, you will see Guinness World Record largest 999.9 fine gold block which weighs 220 kg and can be touched.

There is a funny slogan: “If you can move it up by your hands, then you can take it home!

I recommend you book the entrance ticket online, also you can choose the combo set, including an entrance ticket and a delicious packed lunch (Taiwanese crispy fried spareribs with traditional side dishes), after lunch you can take home your traditional Taiwanese lunch box and utensils as a souvenir.

Photo Source: Klook
  • Get Location
  • Admission fee:NT$80 ($2.65)
  • Tel:+886 2 2496-2800
  • Hours:Mon – Fri 09:30~17:00 | Sat – Sun 09:30~18:00

Jinguashi Shrine

Jinguashi Shrine was built under the Japanese rule era but it is a ruin now.

Need to climb 600 meters uneven stairs from Jinguashi Gold Museum to the shrine. The view from the shrine is great and really worth to climb up.

If you go there on the foggy day which makes the shrine more mysterious and beautiful!

Crown Prince Chalet

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

It was built in 1922 by Takana Mining Company for the Crown Prince Hirohito(later Emperor Showa), features typical wooden Japanese buildings, when you walk into the garden, you will feel like in Japan.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Qitang Old Street

About 15 minutes walk from Jinguashi Gold Museum, pass by Jinguashi Crown Prince Chalet, Japanese wooden style police station and an obsolete and quiet stone step trail, you will find Qitang Old Street.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Qitang Old Street is the living area of early miners, which have been completely remained now.

There are hospital, temples, bookstores, restaurants, suit shop, and shoe store, etc.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

You can feel a similar atmosphere to Jiufen Old Street but without the hustle and bustle of tourist activities.

You can take a break at the 山城金棧 cafe (Open Fri – Sun: 1130-1800) , it is a good place to see the mountain view while dining.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Having a cup of coffee and yummy dessert at Take a Walk cafe is another good choice, unlike the flamboyant cafe in Taipei city, sit in this old lovely house and enjoy the quiet afternoon.

Yin Yang Sea 

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

It is a special geographical landscape for the coastal area in the northeast corner of Taiwan.

Due to Jinguashi has massive pyrites and are rushed by plenty of rain down to the sea, resulting in two different colors of the sea, blue and yellow.

Blue and Yellow stand for Yin and Yang.

Yin-Yang in Chinese means “Dark and Bright” derives from ancient Chinese concept, express the natural balance of two sides of the whole.

You can see this strange but unique landscape from many attractions in Jinguashi.

Baoshishan Lookout

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

The entrance of Baoshishan Lookout is nearby Chuen Ji Hall parking lot.

You can go to parking lot by walking about 3 minutes from Qitang Old Street, or drop off at Chuen Ji Hall Station by taking Bus 1062 from Taipei city, then take 2 minutes walk to parking lot.

Baoshishan is an easy trail, It just only takes less than 15 minutes hike to the lookout which able to catch all the view of the sea, you can also enjoy the breeze and beautiful scenery of the mountain while hiking. 

Especially when the silver grass in blossom during the autumn season has another special scenery.

Disused Funicular Railway

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

It is also nearby the Chuen Ji Hall parking lot.

Funicular Railway was built in 1932 for carrying the gold mining and cargo in steep terrain, today it is not used anymore.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

It’s so thrilling that standing at this 45-degree extremely steep track makes you feel like almost rush into the sea.

Teapot Mountain

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Teapot Mountain is shaped like a handleless teapot.

There are two ways you can go:

The easiest way to the top is driving to trail peak entrance from Chuen Ji Hall parking lot and walk just only about 10 minutes to the top.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Or you can go from teapot mountain trail entrance nearby Qitang Old Street, it should take about 30 minutes to an hour, but it’s not hard to hike and has a wonderful view.

You can overlook the beauty of the Keelung Mountain and Yinyang Sea at the top.

The amazing scenery will make people stay here for a long time.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Golden Waterfall

Golden Waterfall is not far from Jinguashi Gold Museum, only take Bus (826, 856 and 891) can get there.

Water flowing along the steep golden mining area reflects its golden appearance.

The waterfall is small, but it still worth to see this stunning natural view!

Remains of the 13 Levels

It should take 15 minutes walk from Golden waterfall to here.

Remains of the 13 Levels was once a copper refinery under the Japanese ruled, it looks like an abandoned palace for many years but still spectacular.

Keep walking down about 6 minutes you will see the Changren park.

The best location for looking and taking photos is at Changren platform of the Changren park.

So don’t miss it if you have time available!

Eat in Jinguashi

甜蜜屋 Home Sweet Home

The host came from Canada, the restaurant was set up after he married a Taiwanese girl, he’s good at cooking Canada hometown cuisine, and always using the natural materials.

Home Sweet Home serves the main dishes like spaghetti and pizza, if you wanna taste the Chef’s Special:” rib” or ” risotto”, please make a reservation when you book for a table.

There is a large window at the first and second floor, you can enjoy your cuisine with the wonderful view, if the weather is great, you can even see the north-coast ocean view!

  • Avg. Cost:NT$200~500 ($6.5~16)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2496-2258
  • Hours:Sat – Sun  11:00~20:00

山麓咖啡 Jiufen JinGuaShih Foothills Cafe 

Hidden under the valley, after walking down the long ladder, you can see the cute elk signboard. 

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

The owner is very kind and enthusiastic. The meals here are all cooked to order, although you have to wait for a while, the delicious food with natural Ingredients totally worth for the waiting!

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

They also provide professional coffee by using Lavazza coffee beans, I recommend you have a single-serve coffee, the owner roast coffee beans by himself, you’ll be amazed by the unique taste with high quality

if you prefer latte, you must try a cup of  “Rose Salt Latte” The fragrance of the rose will remain in your mouth with a little bit rose salt flavor after drinking, it’s very smooth and delicious, making me unforgettable!

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot
  • Avg. Cost:NT$200~500 ($6.5~16)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2496-2886
  • Hours:Mon – Sun  11:00~19:00


Cafe&me is a nostalgic building looks like a private house, they don’t have an obvious signboard that you will probably miss it; the owner is good at home cooking, their simple meals and coffee are recommended.

In Cafe&me, you can see the natural beauty of JinGuaShi from the window, come and have a coffee, keep your wonderful moment here.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$150~300 ($4.8~9.5)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 916-036-633
  • Hours:Mon – Sun  12:00~19:30


On the way from Jiufen to JinGuaShi, there is a wooden house located in the mountain, if you saw a lot of dried fishes are hanging under the eaves, you just got the right place, it’s a restaurant called”食不厭”, which means: Never tired of eating.

“The dried fishes” is the signature dish here, fresh fishes were marinated with salt then let it naturally dried under the eaves overnight, it is a special way to preserve the fishes, they will roast the dried fish before eating, the dried fish become delicious but not salty, the fish skin is very crispy after roasting,I just can’t help eating it all.

“Cat rice” is another popular choice, the rice is topped with soy sauce and covered with many bonito chips; because of the heat of the rice, the bonito slices above are like dancing, it looks cute and interesting.

Here is a cozy place for a great meal, and if you are a cat lover, even better, the cat in the restaurant will stay with you.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$150~500 ($4.8~16)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 911-827-844
  • Hours:Fri – Tue  11:30~15:00 | 17:00~21:00


After climbing the mountain, you just need a place to take a break, “山城金棧” is like home, the restaurant is decorated with wood to create a sense of warmth.

In addition to simple meals, they also provide vegetarian meals and even Jiufen’s taro balls.

The outdoor area has a vast view, you can enjoy the view of the mountain when you are dining.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$150~300 ($4.8~9.5)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 978-577-099
  • Hours:Fri – Sun  11:30~18:00

散散步 Take a Walk Cafe

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

In the quiet corner of Qitang Old Street, there is an old western-style building called “Take a walk cafe”.

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Walking into this coffee shop on a rainy day, even it’s cold outside, space is warm because of the coffee aroma. There are many antique pieces of furniture in the cafe to create a nostalgic atmosphere.

Sitting by the window, watching the rain dripping down the plants hanging on the house, or near the bar for watching the barista making coffee, every moment is so soothing.

Although there are only coffee, tea, and desserts on the menu, you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere, the slow rhythm, and the aroma of coffee that surrounds you for a whole afternoon.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$150~400 ($4.8~13)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 981-885-933
  • Hours:Thu – Tue  13:30~18:30

What Else Fun Nearby Jiuguashi

Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen is a traditional old town nearby Jinguashi.

When reaching Jiufen, the first thing to do is exploring the nostalgic Jiufen Old Street and enjoy its unique and beautiful night.

See also : Jiufen Old Street – the Romantic Nostalgic Mountain Town

Buyen Pavilion

Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Buyen Pavilion, one of the famous attractions in Taiwan, is located on provincial highway No. 102.

The view from Buyen Pavilion is breathtaking, is also a popular place to watch the sunset.

Unfortunately, no buses come by here, so you have to drive or choose private car charter.

Where to Stay

Jiufen JinGuaShih Foothills Cafe 

JinGuaShih Foothills Cafe B&B is located near the Gold Museum. The owner is very warm and friendly. He will introduce the attractions of Jinguashi for you. The room is clean and bright, and the space is very large, I like the viewing window so much. I would like to wake up in the room every day! In the morning, there is a hearty breakfast and professional coffee made by the owner, I recommend you have to stay here for one night.

Adagio JinGuaShi

Adagio JinGuaShi is not close to Jiufen Old Street, but you can stay away from from the bustling Jiufen and enjoy the quiet moment. All rooms with a beautiful view have a flat-screen TV, free WiFi and a private bathroom.  

  • Price: $ 152 +
  • Internet review: 4.6/5 (46 reviews from Klook)
  • Reservation website: Adagio JinGuaShi

Qi Tang lane

Located in Qitang Old Street, it is renovated from an old house, not only offer accommodations but is a famous restaurant on the street.

  • Price: $ 81 +
  • Internet review: ˋ4.8/5 (5 reviews from Klook)
  • Reservation website: Qi Tang lane

Ample Villa

Ample Villa offers the romantic decoration in shades of white. All room facing the ocean offers stunning sea views you can enjoy through floor-to-ceiling windows. Each room offer free WiFi and private bathroom with a spa bath.

Our Home 187

Our Home 187 is a hillside European architecture with a beautiful garden in Jinguashi. All rooms have a flat-screen TV, free WiFi and a private bathroom, some rooms can enjoy mountain and sea views. The hotel also offers free parking, luggage storage and shuttle service.

  • Price: $ 110 +
  • Internet review: 4.2/5 (6reviews from Klook)
  • Reservation website: Our Home 187

How to Plan Your Jinguashi Tour 

1 Day Tour

Choose some of the Jinguashi attractions we have introduced for you and begin to explore those attractions during the day.

Then you can have dinner on Jiufen Old Street, as well as enjoy the beautiful night of Jiufen Old Street.

2 Days Tour

The first day you can go to Pingxi or Jinguashi, then go to Jiufen Old Street for tasting Taiwanese local food and enjoy the beautiful night of Jiufen Old Street.

Where to stay in night? You can pick out one of the hotels in Jinguashi or Jiufen we have particularly recommended for you.

Next day, after having a good sleeping, you have a whole day long enough to explore those natural and stunning attractions in Jinguashi.

Recommended Itineraries

If you still have no idea how to plan your tour, consider joining below tour packages booked by 8,995 travelers. All trip not only comes with the professional and experienced tour guides can speak fluently English, Japanese and Chinese, but also the transportation service which is saving you tons of time.

Half day tour to explore the fascinating shoreline and Jiufen’s teahouse culture:

Jiufen Village & The Northeast Coast

  • Free Cancelation – 24 hrs notice
  • Hotel Pickup
  • Yin Yang Sea – Nanya Rock Formations – Bitou Cape – Jiufen Old Street
Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Escape Taipei for a day to discover unique natural landscapes at northeastern Taiwan and stroll on the historic Jiufen Old Street:

Jiufen Old Street & Golden Waterfall & Bitou Cape

  • Taipei Main Station Pickup
  • Travel insurance (NT$2 million and medical fees at NT$30 thousand)
  • Bitou Cape – Nanya Rock Formations – Yin Yang Sea – The Golden Waterfall – Gold Museum – Jiufen Old Street
Jinguashi - Northeastern Taiwan's Most Natural Spot

Jinguashi & Jiufen is a mountainous area, means the weather changes greatly, it will rain any time, so remember to bring the raincoat or umbrella with you.
The rainy season is generally from November to April, although the rainy season probably disturbs your plan, the rainy day makes Jiufen extraordinarily beautiful.

Extra information for you

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Tell us what is your favorite part of Jinguashi? What restaurant or cafe you prefer? Which hotel do you want to stay?

If any questions on your trip to Jinguashi you have, please leave in the comments below.


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