The 7 Best Shilin Night Market Food

The 7 Best Shilin Night Market Food

Whether local or tourist, Shilin Night Market(士林夜市)is first thought when talking about Taipei’s night market.

Shilin Night Market is the most popular night market in Taiwan, also the biggest night market in Taipei that owns many delicious foods.

To save your time looking for food in such a big night market, today we will introduce the best 7 must-eat Shilin Night Market food, keep reading and save this post!

How to Get There

Take Red Line (Tamsui -Xinyi Line) to Jiantan station [R15], Exit No.1 and walk around 2 minutes to get there.


The 7 Best Shilin Night Market Food

1. Hometown BBQ Chicken(家鄉碳烤香雞排)

Fried chicken cutlet has always been a loved street snack for Taiwanese.

Generally, chicken cutlet would be greasy after fried, so Hometown BBQ Chicken has chosen to fried chicken first and then charcoal grilled it that would make chicken cutlet less greasy and with more charcoal fragrance. 

Finally the chicken cutlet would be brushed with the special Chinese medicine sauce, salty and fragrant.

Hometown’s chicken cutlet are thick, juicy and crispy, you must try when you come to Shilin Night Market.

  • Hometown BBQ Chicken(家鄉碳烤香雞排)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$80 ($2.7)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 933-112-514
    • Hours:Sun – Thu 16:00~00:00 | Fri – Sat 16:00~00:30

2. Good Friend Cold Noodles(好朋友涼麵)

Cold noodle is a great choice in hot summer.

Good Friend’s cold noodles with sesame sauce exude a hint of lemon fragrance, and add some spicy will make more flavor, which even has listed in one of the Michelin 2019 Taipei’s Bib Gourmand selection.

Additionally, don’t forget miso soup, a perfect match for cold noodles.

  • Good Friend Cold Noodles(好朋友涼麵)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$50 ($1.6)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2881-1197
    • Hours:Fri – Wed 17:30~23:30 | Thu Closed

3. A Hui Vermicelli(阿輝麵線)

For over 50 years, A Hui Vermicelli has listed in Michelin Guide Taipei 2018 and 2019 for two consecutive years.

Besides vermicelli, you can add intestine, cuttlefish, or both.

The stall is next to the temple, and the pretty cool thing is that you’ll see everyone sitting on the temple step for enjoying the delicious vermicelli due to unavailable seats at the stall.

  • A Hui Vermicelli(阿輝麵線
    • Avg. Cost:NT$30 ($1)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 952-672-655
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 15:30~23:45 

4. Jian Ji Papaya Milk(簡記木瓜牛奶)

Besides bubble tea, Papaya milk is also a staple drink in Taiwan.

For 30 years, Jian Ji has offered papaya milk with a silky texture, and no add any water, so the flavor is smooth and creamy.

  • Jian Ji Papaya Milk(簡記木瓜牛奶)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$40 ($1.4)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 917-212-393
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 16:00~00:00

5. Grilled King Oyster Mushroom(燒烤杏鮑菇 )

Grilled King Oyster Mushroom is one of the popular stalls in Shilin night market, you usually can see a long queue on the weekend.

The stall slowly grills the mushroom repeatedly, which keeps the original flavor and taste won’t too dry.

You can freely choose two of nine flavors, from Original, Spicy, Wasabi, Lemon, Seaweed, Cumin, Pepper, Curry to Rose Salt.

  • Grilled King Oyster Mushroom(燒烤杏鮑菇 )
    • Avg. Cost:NT$100 ($3.4)
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 17:00~00:00 

6. Chung Chia Sheng Jian Bao(鍾家原上海生煎包)

Chung Chia Sheng Jian Bao has listed in one of the Michelin 2019 Taipei’s Bib Gourmand selection.

They Sheng Jian Bao(Pan-Fried Buns) with a crispy bottom and fluffy tops, and two fillings can choose: cabbage and pork, don’t forget to baste the sauce that will make it more appetizing.

  • Chung Chia Sheng Jian Bao(鍾家原上海生煎包)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$14+ ($0.5+)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 8861-2713
    • Hours:Thu – Tue 15:00~20:00 | Wed Closed

7. Hai Yu Pork Ribs(海友十全排骨)

For over 40 years, Hai Yu has known for the medicine stewed ribs, It even has listed in one of Michelin 2019 Taipei’s Bib Gourmand selection. 

The taste is very special because it stewed with 15 types of Chinese medicinal herbs for over 10 hours, Hai Yu pork ribs are not only flavorsome but also good for the body. 

  • Hai Yu Pork Ribs(海友十全排骨)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$90 ($3)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2888-1959
    • Hours:Mon – Sat 14:30~01:00 | Sun 14:30~00:00

Recommended Itinerary

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What Else Fun Near the Shilin Night Market

National Palace Museum of Taiwan(故宮博物院)

National Palace Museum of Taiwan

The National Palace Museum is the popular museum in Taiwan, and today it houses a collection of over 700,000 works, from painting, calligraphy, statuary, bronzes, lacquerware, ceramics, jade to rare books and historical documents.

Most of the artifacts came from the Forbidden City in Beijing and be brought to Taiwan with the Republic of China government during the civil war.

The National Palace Museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the histories of the 5,000 years Chinese cultures, if you want to know about more history and culture, don’t miss this one of the largest museums collectIng ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks in the world.

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Laodifang Lookout(老地方觀景平台)

The Laodifang Lookout offers the panoramic view of Taipei City from Jiantan Mountain, also it’s a great place to watch the planes landing and taking off.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, in this post, you’ve known top 7 must-eat food in Shilin night market, tell me which one you prefer, and what you would like to try first?

Finally, If you still have any questions on your food trip to Shilin night market, please leave in the comments below, I will be more than happy to help you out:)

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