Yongkang Street – the Ultimate Street Guide

Yongkang Street – the Ultimate Street Guide

When coming to Taipei, you may head over to the Taipei 101 and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, dive into the Chinese history of the National Palace Museum, stroll through Dihua street or Jiufen old street, and enjoy Beitou Hot Springs.

Besides, Yongkang Street is also one of the must-visit spots to visit, where you can taste delicious food, look around featured stores for souvenirs, or hang out at the cafe with friends.

Today we present some special shops to let you know this charming place.

How to Get There

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

Take Red Line (Tamsui – Xinyi Line) or Orange Line (Zhonghe – Xinlu Line) to the Dongmen Station[R07/O06], Exit No.5.

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Must Eat near Yongkang Street

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐)

If you mention the most famous Taiwanese food, most of the people will say “XiaoLongBao” 

Din Tai Fung” is widely known for their “XiaoLongBao”, the original shop is located next to Yongkang Street, people always make a line to taste the amazing dumpling with 18 folds delicate skin and juicy filling, once you try it, you will know how they take the signature dishes so seriously.

Although XiaoLongBao is the most popular dish of Din Tai Fung, they also have various kinds of cuisine, I recommend you try my favorite dishes like “Braised Beef Noodle Soup“, “House Steamed Chicken Soup“, ”Pork Chop Fried Rice “, “Spicy Shrimp and Pork Wontons“, “Green Squash and Shrimp Xiaolongbao“, all of the dishes are so delicious that I entertain my foreign guests here every time.

Nowadays,” Din Tai Fung” has many branches in China、Hong Kong、Japan、South Korea、Macau、Singapore、Indonesia、Malaysia、Thailand、Australia、United Kingdom and the United States, but if you come to Taiwan, you must taste the authentic flavor here, it definitely will become an unforgettable memory in your tour of Taiwan!

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide
  • Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$500~800 ($16.6~33.3)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2321-8928
    • Hours:Mon – Fri 11:00~21:00 | Sat – Sun 10:00~21:00
    • Recommendations:XiaoLongBao, Braised Beef Noodle Soup, House Steamed Chicken Soup, Pork Chop Fried Rice, Spicy Shrimp & Pork Wontons, and Green Squash & Shrimp Xiaolongbao

Han Ji Tiger Noodles(韓記老虎麵)

If you are a spicy food lover, you can’t miss their spicy noodle soup.

The soup base is made with various traditional Chinese medicine so you can smell it while tasting it, also you can choose different types of noodles, meat (beef, pork, and lamb) and level of spiciness you like.

  • Han Ji Tiger Noodles(韓記老虎麵)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$220 ($7.3)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2391-3483
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 11:30~21:00

Lao Tzang Beef Noodles(川味老張牛肉麵店總店)

Photo by Instagram @dumbrebel_

Established over 60 years, Lao Tzang Beef Noodles is one of the oldest restaurants serving delicious beef noodle soup in Taipei.

Photo by Instagram @dumbrebel_

I recommend the traditional tomato beef noodle soup. The soup is not greasy and the beef is cooked well and tender.

  • Lao Tzang Beef Noodles(川味老張牛肉麵店總店)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$220~290 ($7.3~9.7)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2396-0927
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 11:00~15:00 / 17:00~21:00 | Tue Closed
    • Recommendations:Tomato Beef Noodle Soup

Fong Sheng Restaurant(豐盛食堂)

Fong Sheng Restaurant’s overall decoration is quite like a Traditional Chinese Inn, they serve authentic Taiwanese food.

if you are looking for Taiwanese local cuisine, here is the best place for you, also there is a large round table which is very suitable for dining with friends or family together.

  • Fong Sheng Restaurant(豐盛食堂)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$300~1,000 ($10~33)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2396-1133
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 11:30~14:00 / 17:00~21:00

Jin Ji Yuan(好公道金雞園)

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

If you don’t want to wait so long for Din Tai Fung, Jin Ji Yuan is an alternate way to try delicious XiaoLongBao.

Opened since 1973, Jin Ji Yuan is not only famous in local but also be selected in one of the Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list Taipei 2019.

Jin Ji Yuan offers 60 varieties of pastries at a reasonable price, you can taste XiaoLongBao at half price of Din Tai Fung but good taste.

  • Jin Ji Yuan(好公道金雞園)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$120~500 ($4~16.7)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2341-6980
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 09:00~21:00 | Wed Closed
    • Recommendations:XiaoLongBao, Crab Roe Dumplings, Shrimp Dumplings, Fried Bean Curd & Pork Roll Mung Bean Noodle, and Taro Pudding

Bai-Shui Tofu Pudding(白水豆花)

Bai-Shui Tofu Pudding is a popular dessert stand on Yongkang Street, you can always see many people standing in line.

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

The tofu pudding is very soft, topped with peanut powder and coriander, it looks strange, but the taste is unexpectedly delicious. You can also add tapioca balls or peach resin to make the tofu pudding more delicious.

  • Bai-Shui Tofu Pudding(白水豆花)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$60~70 ($2~2.3)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2392-6707
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 15:00~20:30
    • Recommendations:Tofu Pudding with Tapioca Balls, and Tofu Pudding with Peach Resin


Soypresso is a small chain store specializing in a variety of soy milk products. It originally came from Yilan with more than 40 years of experience in producing soy products, they have a full range of soy milk products and all are handmade and nature.

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide
Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide
  • Soypresso(二吉軒豆乳)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$45~140 ($1.5~4.7)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2358-1198
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 15:00~20:30
    • Recommendations:Soy Milk, Soy Pudding, and Soft Cream

Original Lime(東海萊姆園)

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

When I first passed this store, I thought it was a Chinese medicine store, but in fact, it is a fruit juice bar that offers freshly squeezed lime juice, as their limes are self-grown so you can taste healthy, delicious and natural lime juice.

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

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  • Original Lime(東海萊姆園)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$50~185 ($1.7~6.2)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2358-7881
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 12:00~22:00
    • Recommendations:Fresh Lime Juice & Honey, Pineapple Juice & Honey, Mulberry Juice & Honey, Grand Prize Honey & Lime, and Dragon Fruit & Lime

Jingimoo cafe(金雞母)

When you come to Yongkang Street, everyone thinks of mango ice, but there is another option besides mango ice. Try Jingimoo’s diverse Japanese shaved ice, which looks like a volcanic eruption, it will bring you both visual and taste enjoyment!

  • Jingimoo cafe(金雞母)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$65~180 ($2.1~6)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2393-9990
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 12:30~20:30
    • Recommendations:Fire Matcha, and Fire Strawberry

Dongmen Market(東門市場)


Dongmen Market is not only a busy traditional market but there has plenty of authentic Taiwanese snacks hidden inside the market.

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Must Buy near Yongkang Street

Pinmo Pure Store(品墨良行)

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

This is a small and lovely stationery shop selling different types of paper from around the world, they also provide DIY notebooks service for customers to design and make own unique handmade notebook.

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide
  • Pinmo Pure Store(品墨良行)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2358-4670
    • Hours:Tue – Sun 10:00~19:00 | Mon Closed

Lai Hao Taiwan Gift Shop(來好)

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

Lai Hao is a cozy store filled with many interesting and cute souvenirs, snacks, and Taiwanese local style groceries, everything on sale are made in Taiwan.

  • Lai Hao Taiwan Gift Shop(來好)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 3322-6136
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 10:00~21:30

A Yuan Soap Store(阿原)

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

Yuan is a home-made soap workshop made with herbs grown in Taiwan, so soaps are pure and free of chemicals, their vision is to take care of people’s bodies and treat environment-friendly.

It is suitable to be a gift or souvenir for your friends and family.

  • A Yuan Soap Store(阿原)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 3393-6891
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 10:30~22:00

Cloudhues Taiwan Gift Shop(雲彩軒)

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

Cloudhues is a small shop that sells cute goods with exquisite texture. Therefore, it’s popular for Japanese tourists.

  • Cloudhues Taiwan Gift Shop(雲彩軒)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2397-1789
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 10:00~21:30

1/1 Studio(一分之一工作室)

1/1 Studio is a small stationery shop but sells a wide range of notebooks, clips, stickers, paper tape, etc. If you are a stationery addict, you can’t miss this place!

  • 1/1 Studio(一分之一工作室)
    • Get Location
    • Hours:Mon/Fri 16:00~21:00 | Sat – Sun 14:00~21:00 | Tue – Thu Closed

Must Go Cafés near Yongkang Street

Powder Workshop

Powder workshop is a quiet coffee shop with a low-key storefront and small signboards hidden in the alley of Yongkang Street, when you come to the shop you will see the whole space surrounded by the coffee aroma, potted plant, and wooden furniture, giving people a relaxed atmosphere and allow people to enjoy a cozy afternoon.

Try their signature coffee – cute and small milo mountain!

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide
  • Powder Workshop
    • Avg. Cost:NT$100~330 ($3.3~11)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2343-5853
    • Hours:Wed – Mon 09:00~18:00 | Tue Closed
    • Recommendations:Milo Mountain

Come True Coffee(成真咖啡)

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

Come True Coffee is a cafe of social enterprise, they not only fair trade coffee beans directly from Africa’s farmers for helping them, but hey are donating 50% of profit into a “clean water project” with World Vision organization to built water well, which can provide clean water to every Africa’s local people and solve the sanitation crisis, so when sipping any coffee at Come True Coffee means you are indirectly helping someones else.

  • Come True Coffee(成真咖啡)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$105~400 ($3.5~13.3)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2358-2826
    • Hours:Mon – Thu 11:00~21:00 | Fri – Sat 11:00~22:00 | Sun 10:30~21:00
    • Recommendations:Orange Whisky Creative Coffee, Rose Scented Tea, and Matcha & Red Beans Souffle Pancake


Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

If you are looking for somewhere quiet, Nest is a great place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the main street, the interior is warm and comfortable to working or studying.

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide
  • Nest(溫床)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$100~200 ($3.3~6.7)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2356-9895
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 12:00~21:00
    • Recommendations:Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Anastasia Tea, Staff Meal, and Croque-monsieur


Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

Angel café is a dreamy and beautiful cafe surrounded by plenty of plants and lovely lighting, coupled with simple and stylish large transparent windows that seems like having afternoon tea in a greenhouse.

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide
    • Avg. Cost:NT$100~270 ($3.3~9)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 3343-3533
    • Hours:Sun – Thu 11:00~22:00 | Fri – Sat 11:00~22:30

Youmoutoohana Coffee(羊毛與花)

Youmoutoohana Coffee is a warm and full of Japanese style coffee shop, it’s definitely a cozy and quiet place to read books or to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

The coffee shop is named after the Japanese band Youmou to ohana (Wool & Flower) for memorizing the singer Ohana (Flower) passed away due to the disease. The reason for opening on Yongkang Street because this is her favorite place to go when she was in Taiwan.

  • Youmoutoohana Coffee(羊毛與花)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$150~300 ($5~10)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2358-3153
    • Hours:Mon – Fri 12:00~22:00
    • Recommendations:Youmoutoohana Blended Drink, and Orange Matcha Chiffon Cake

What Else Fun near Yongkang Street 

Qingtian Street(青田街)

During the Japanese rule, Qingtian Street was once the dormitory area for Taiwan University staff, nowadays those traditional wooden houses and old trees retain its strong Japanese flavor.

When you walk leisurely into the neighborhood of Qingtian Street, it feels like walking into the tunnel of time and back to the old day’s elegance and tranquility.

Get Location

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall(中正紀念堂)

The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂) is a prominent landmark and is also one of the popular destinations in Taiwan, which attract thousands of visitors every year.

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Daan Forest Park(大安森林公園)

Cover 64 acres, Daan Forest Park is one of the largest parks in Taipei, also a perfect retreat to get out of the hustle and bustle city.

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Yongkang Street - the Ultimate Street Guide

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Tell us what is your most favorite part of Yongkang Street? What kind of food you would like to try?

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Finally, If you have any questions on your trip to Yongkang, please leave in the comments below, I will be more than happy to help you out:)

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