Shiding Thousand Island Lake

Shiding Thousand Island Lake

Shiding Thousand Island Lake(石碇千島湖), an enchanting expanse of green-blue waters, lies above the Feicui Reservoir, concealed within New Taipei City’s Shiding District.

In 1959, the construction of a dam brought this artificial lake to life, drawing its waters from the upstream watershed area of the Feicui Reservoir.

The tranquil lake surface mirrors the encircling mountains, creating the sensation of stepping into a magical realm.

While exploring Shiding Thousand Island Lake, this article presents five exceptional spots that allow you to deeply immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural wonder.

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How to Get There

There are 3 ways to get to Shiding Thousand Island Lake:

1. By Car:
The most convenient way to embark on a day trip to Shiding Thousand Island Lake is by driving or riding a motorcycle.

Rental car information is provided below:

2. By Bus:
Take the Bus Green 12 from Xindian Station [G01] of the Taipei Metro. 

After getting off at Xiaogetou Station(小格頭站) , it’s about a 30-minute walk to the Shiding Thousand Island Lake viewing platform. 

Note that bus frequency is lower, so check the schedule beforehand to avoid long waits or missing the bus.

3. By Travel Tours:

If you prefer not to drive and want to avoid taking the bus through mountainous roads, participating in a tour through Klook is another convenient option.

Shiding Tea Township Half-Day Tour from Taipei

Explore the breathtaking Thousand Island Lake landscapes, lose yourself in the endless tea plant rows of Bagua Tea Plantation, indulge in the exquisite locally grown tea with its fresh floral notes, delve into Taiwanese tea’s culture at Pinglin Tea Museum, all ensured to depart even with just one participant.

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What to Do in Shiding Thousand Island Lake

Within the picturesque landscape of Thousand Island Lake in Shiding, there are five excellent viewing spots that will truly let you appreciate the beauty of this hidden paradise:

1. Shiding Thousand Island Lake Viewing Platform (雲鄉茶園石碇千島湖觀景台)

Originally just a small eatery, it has now transformed into a great spot to admire the Thousand Island Lake in Shiding.

Standing on this observation deck, you can overlook the entire lake, appreciating the perfect blend of emerald waters and mountain ranges, as if being immersed in a dreamlike painting.

  • Shiding Thousand Island Lake Viewing Platform (雲鄉茶園石碇千島湖觀景台)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 922-803-071
    • Hours:Sat – Sun 09:00~18:00 | Mon – Fri Closed

2. Crocodile Island Viewing Platform (鱷魚島觀景台)

Looking down from a high point at Thousand Island Lake, it appears as if there’s a crocodile in the lake.

This astonishing transformation of nature has made it a highly popular spot for Instagram check-ins.

  • Crocodile Island Viewing Platform (鱷魚島觀景台)

3. Bagua Tea Plantation (八卦茶園)

This place offers a fusion of scenic beauty and dining pleasure.

The outdoor dining section lets you unwind amidst neatly arranged tea bushes and the serene lake vista.

What’s more, the small observation deck by the Bagua Tea Plantation has become the prime spot for capturing photos.

  • Bagua Tea Plantation (八卦茶園)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 916-868-615
    • Hours:Mon – Sun 09:30~17:00

4. Tushitou Lookout (土虱頭觀景臺)

The perspective from this viewing platform, which overlooks Thousand Island Lake, closely resembles the head of a walking catfish.

Thus making this place one of the unique characteristics of Thousand Island Lake.

  • Tushitou Lookout (土虱頭觀景臺)

5. Yongan Mt. trail (永安景觀步道)

This free option lets you easily enjoy the beautiful view of Thousand Island Lake.

By walking up the steps, you can immerse yourself in the scenery of the lake and mountains, making it a relaxing viewpoint.

  • Yongan Mt. trail (永安景觀步道)

These five locations are each unique, allowing you to experience the beauty of Thousand Island Lake from different perspectives.

Each place brings unforgettable memories and provides diverse viewing experiences.

If you haven’t visited Shiding Thousand Island Lake yet, consider adding it to your next travel plan and experiencing this unforgettable natural wonder.

Finally, If you still have any questions on your trip to Shiding Thousand Island Lake, please leave in the comments below, I will be more than happy to help you out:)

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