Top15 Taitung, Taiwan Attractions: Exploring Eastern Charms

Top15 Taitung, Taiwan Attractions: Exploring Eastern Charms

Taitung(台東), located in the eastern part of Taiwan, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Its azure coastlines and rolling mountains attract countless visitors seeking exploration.

In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the stunning landscapes and rich culture of Taitung, embarking on an unforgettable adventure together.

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Taitung Attractions

1. Chu Lu Ranch(初鹿牧場)

Chu Lu Ranch is a must-visit attraction in Taitung, offering adorable animal zones, thrilling grass slides, enchanting forest trails, and spacious horse arenas.

Visitors can interact with animals, enjoy scenic views, and indulge in family fun. Activities include feeding experiences, DIY crafts, and tasting fresh ice cream.

It’s a memorable experience for all ages, perfect for family exploration!

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2. Brown Boulevard(伯朗大道)

Brown Boulevard gained renown after Takeshi Kaneshiro filmed an EVA Airline advertisement here.

This straight road spans about 2.2 kilometers, flanked by endless golden rice fields and rolling mountain ranges, creating a breathtaking rural landscape.

Renting a bicycle and leisurely riding along this tranquil boulevard is an absolute must-do when visiting the East Rift Valley, offering a serene and romantic experience amidst the stunning scenery.

Would you like to experience cycling around, where stunning rice fields, sea views, and mountain scenery are everywhere?

3. Duoliang Railway Station(多良車站)

Duoliang Railway Station is hailed as Taiwan’s most beautiful station. Despite being abandoned for years and only serving passing trains, it draws numerous railway enthusiasts and travelers.

While trains no longer stop here, it boasts captivating coastal scenery that entices visitors to linger. Moreover, the second-floor observation deck offers the best vantage point to admire the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, making it a popular destination for train enthusiasts and sightseers alike.

A visit to Duoliang Railway Station is truly a delightful journey.

Interested in visiting Duoliang Station?

Duoliang Station & Huayuan Bay Half Day Guided Tour

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4. Tiehua Music Village(鐵花村音樂聚落)

Tiehua Music Village, transformed from old railway warehouses, has become an original cultural hub in Taitung.

During the day, it serves as a park, transforming into a creative market at night, offering indigenous music performances, handicrafts, and fresh produce.

In the evenings, visitors can also enjoy hot air balloon lantern displays and savor craft beer, making it a popular destination for Taitung’s nightlife.

  • Hours:Wed – Sun 05:00~22:00 | Mon – Tue Closed
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5. Sansiiantai(三仙台)

Sansiiantai, located on Taiwan’s east coast, was once a cape but has since formed into an offshore island due to coastal erosion. It’s renowned for its stunning coastal features like sea trenches, caves, columns, and concave walls.

Despite being a natural reserve and a prime sunrise spot with the Eight-Arch Bridge, it’s currently closed due to seismic activity.

Still, it’s a must-visit for nature lovers to admire its remarkable landscapes shaped by weathering and erosion.

6. Zhiben Hot Spring(知本溫泉)

Zhiben Hot Spring is a must-visit in Taitung, renowned for its rejuvenating properties. The hot spring water, rich in minerals and known for its skin-beautifying effects, is often referred to as the “Beauty Hot Spring.”

Don’t miss the chance to soak in these soothing waters and relax in the comfort of hot spring resorts.

Hotel Royal Chihpen

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  • The first internationally renowned hot spring resort hotel in Eastern Taiwan.
  • The hotel offers a variety of recreational facilities and indoor/outdoor hot spring baths.

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7. Diamond Avenue(金剛大道)

Diamond Avenue, part of the Zhongyong Cycling Path, is a scenic route located approximately 85 kilometers from Highway 11.

With its picturesque landscapes of terraced fields flanking a straight road nestled between mountains and the sea, it’s a favorite spot for photoshoots.

Additionally, it offers an unforgettable sunrise view, making it a must-visit destination for travelers passing through Highway 11.

8. Lisong Hot Springs(栗松野溪溫泉)

Lisong Hot Springs, dubbed a terrestrial paradise, is located at 168.5 kilometers along the Southern Cross-Island Highway in Taitung, Taiwan.

Accessing these hot springs involves a challenging journey of climbing rock walls and crossing streams. However, the breathtaking sight of calcium carbonate crystals on mountain walls, paired with vibrant hot spring algae, makes it worth the effort.

It’s best to visit during the dry season (November to April) to fully appreciate the beauty of the springs.

Do you want to explore the Lisong Hot Springs?

Exploring the Secret Land of Lisong Hot Spring

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Photo Source: Klook

9. Douli Beach(都歷海灘)

Douli Beach named after the Amis indigenous word “Torik” meaning to tie or weave, is a haven for surfers and famed for its “sky mirror” effect during low tide.

The receding seawater leaves the wet sand mirroring the sky, creating a breathtaking scene likened to a divine mirror, attracting many visitors to this popular spot.

10. Luye Highlands(鹿野高台)

Luye Highlands hosts a popular annual hot air balloon festival during summer, drawing many visitors.

Beyond the festival, it’s a delightful spot for sightseeing and grass sledding.

With around 50 colorful balloons floating above during the festival, it offers a stunning view of Taitung, making it a top choice for summer vacations.

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11. East Coast Fugang Geopark(富岡地質公園)

East Coast Fugang Geopark, nicknamed the “Little Yehliu,” is a natural sculpture park known for its diverse coastal erosion formations shaped by long-term marine erosion and tectonic movements.

Visitors can explore its unique landscape, including caves, ripples, and towering rocks. Don’t miss the guided “Night Visit to Little Yehliu” tours from April to October for a magical nighttime experience.

12. National Taitung University Library and Information Center(國立臺東大學圖書資訊館)

National Taitung University Library and Information Center is renowned for its distinctive architecture, resembling a green pyramid surrounded by lawns and observation decks, ideal for enjoying the sunshine.

It stands out among the world’s top eight unique libraries, featuring mountain-shaped staircases that lead to an observation deck, offering stunning views of Taitung.

13. Jiaming Lake(嘉明湖)

Jiaming Lake, Taiwan’s second-highest alpine lake, attracts climbers and outdoor enthusiasts with its serene beauty.

It’s advisable for beginners to join guided tours for a safe ascent and to admire the breathtaking scenery.

Interested in witnessing the beauty of ‘Angel’s Tears’ at Jiaming Lake?

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  • Explore Xiangyang and Sancha, two Baiyue mountains.

Photo Source: Klook

14. Jialulan(加路蘭遊憩區)

Jialulan Recreation Area in Taitung is famed for its stunning coastal views and artistic installations.

Once an abandoned air force landfill, it’s been transformed into a vibrant seaside destination, blending nature with artistry beautifully!

15. Taitung Forest Park(台東森林公園)

Taitung Forest Park near the city offers extensive seaside wetlands, grasslands, and forests—a perfect weekend escape for urbanites.

Don’t miss the Pipa Lake and other scenic spots, ideal for leisurely strolls or bike rides.

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Photo Source: Klook

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. In this post, you’ve learned about the fun things to do in Taitung. Now, I’d love to hear which activity you prefer and where you would like to go first.

Lastly, if you have any questions about your trip to Taitung, please leave them in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out 🙂

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