The North Gate Taipei – the Gate Through the Past

The North Gate Taipei – the Gate Through the Past

The Taipei City Walls (臺北府城) was constructed in 1884 during the Qing Dynasty rule, including 5 gates: the East Gate (Jingfu Gate), the West Gate (Baocheng Gate), the South Gate (Lizheng Gate), the Auxiliary South Gate (Chongxi Gate), and the North Gate (Cheng En Gate). Among them, the North Gate is the only one that has fully retained its original appearance since the Qing Dynasty and also is one of the most precious national historic sites in Taipei.

In recent years, the Taipei Lantern Festival is held here, which attracts many people to come to the North Gate to know the history of the North Gate and explore nearby attractions.

There are also many snacks and stylish cafe nearby, you can plan a half-day tour to the North Gate and take an in-depth exploration of Taipei’s history and culture.

How to Get There

The North Gate Taipei

Take Green Line (Xindian Line) to [G13] MRT Beimen Station, Exit No.2 and take a 5-minute walk.

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Must-See Near the North Gate Taipei

The North Gate (北門-承恩門)

The North Gate Taipei

The North Gate, a historic landmark, was established in 1884 by the Qing Dynasty. 

The North Gate Taipei

In 2016, the demolition of the Zhongxiao Bridge ramp above the gate restored the North Gate’s original glory.

Nowadays it has transformed into the Beimen Memorial Park for people to go around and take the photograph.

The North Gate Taipei

Beimen Post Office (北門郵局)

The North Gate Taipei

Taipei Beimen Post Office is a gigantic baroque style three-story building next to the North Gate, is originally a one-story wooden house but was burned down in a fire, thus the post office was redesigned by Japanese architect Shunichi Kuriyama and rebuilt in 1930.

Today the post office is still open and provide massive service for the public.

Besides, there is a postal museum in the same building so you can not only learn about postal history but also can make your personalized stamp using your own photos.

  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2311-4331
  • Hours:Mon – Fri 08:30~21:00 | Sat 09:00~12:00 | Sun Closed
  • Museum Hours : Tue – Sun 09:00~17:00 | Mon Closed

National Taiwan Museum – Railway Ministry Park (國立臺灣博物館鐵道部)

The North Gate Taipei

You will see some unique Tudor architectures while walking out the MRT station. These buildings have a long history, from Qing Dynasty’s Taipei machinery bureau, Japanese era’s Taipei artillery factory, ministry of railways to today’s Taiwan railways administration after World War II.

The North Gate Taipei

There are a total of six national monuments including the railway department, cafeteria, octagon male washroom, electrical room, construction room, and war command center, all of which are under restoration now, it will reopen as a museum in 2020.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Old Warehouse (三井物產株式會社舊倉庫)

The North Gate Taipei

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. old warehouse was built by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. during the Japanese rule, especially this old building still keeps its trademark.

After going through two years of renovation, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. old warehouse now is a small museum that records the various historical memories of Taipei’s west district.

The North Gate Taipei

There are AR and VR tours on the first floor and the second floor have an exhibition collecting more than 400 pieces of antiques and historical materials.

The North Gate Taipei
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2371-4597
  • Hours:Tue – Sun 10:00~18:00 | Mon Closed

Futai Street Mansion (撫臺街洋樓)

The North Gate Taipei

Constructed in 1910 during the Japanese rule, Futai Street Mansion is a graceful two-story building deeply influenced by the western architectural style.

The North Gate Taipei

The first floor of the building is constructed of kizingan stone, forming an elegant arcade and columns. The second floor is made of wood, has the external feature of the steep mansard roof with dormers.

The North Gate Taipei

Although this building is quite small, it has a free exhibition about the history of Taiwan under Japanese rule.

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  • Tel:+886 2 2314-8080
  • Hours:Mon – Sat 10:00~18:00 | Sun Closed

Must-Eat Near the North Gate

MKCR / Mountain Kids Coffee Roaster (山小孩咖啡)

The North Gate Taipei

Located nearby the North Gate, MKCR is a striking two-story pure white house of the entire street. The most famous is the second-floor window seats facing the north gate, where you can quietly drink coffee while enjoying the view of the north gate.

The North Gate Taipei
  • Avg. Cost:NT$120~300 ($3.8~9.5)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2381-0682
  • Hours:Mon – Sat 08:00~22:00 | Sun 08:00~18:00

Zheng Pork Knuckle (鄭記豬腳飯)

The North Gate Taipei

Zheng has opened 60 years ago, although they only 3 main dishes on offer (Pork Knuckle Rice, Dongpo Pork Rice, and Milkfish Belly Rice), still be recommended by many locals.

Pork Knuckle Rice and Dongpo Pork Rice are most popular, they usually braise meat for over 6 hours to keep it tender so that it will melt in your mouth.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$110 ($3.5)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2371-1366
  • Hours:Mon – Sat 11:00~20:00 | Sun Closed

Kyomachi No.8 (京町8号)

The North Gate Taipei

It is so romantic to enjoy a cup of coffee in front of the Japanese-style old building. Kyomachi No. 8 is a Japanese style cafe located opposite of the Futai Street Mansion, the name is originated from the old address under Japan rule.

The North Gate Taipei

If you want to go to Kyomachi No. 8, you can walk through the North Gate from MRT station, pass by the Beimen post office to the cafe, there is a feeling of back to the past.

The North Gate Taipei
  • Avg. Cost:NT$100~180 ($3.2~5.7)
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  • Tel:+886 2 2381-2388
  • Hours:Tue – Fri 11:00~21:00 | Sat – Sun 12:00~08:00 | Mon Closed

Meet Desserts Shaved Ice Shop (來呷甜甜品)

The North Gate Taipei

This creative shaved ice shop serves a variety of ice dessert, their signature dessert is sweet taro mochi snow ice, hot mochi mix with snow ice, taro, and sweetened condensed milk, all of which create an amazing taste.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$50~110 ($1.6~3.5)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 5596-4288
  • Hours:Wed – Mon 12:00~20:30 | Tue Closed

No Worries Cafe (小意思BAR)

A small and nice coffee shop, decorated in white and blue style, it’s a good place where you can not only enjoy the excellent hand drip coffee but also can drink beer.

  • Avg. Cost:NT$60~110 ($1.9~3.5)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2883-2320
  • Hours:Mon – Fri 08:00~18:00 | Sat – Sun 09:30~18:30

NOW Coffee (鬧咖啡 )

Now coffee is a cafe renovated from the old house, with black modern exterior and traditional terrazzo interior design shows the mix of old and new.

The North Gate Taipei

As they have spacious tables, free Wifi, and sockets, this place is suitable for people to work here.

The North Gate Taipei
  • Avg. Cost:NT$110~300 ($3.5~9.5)
  • Get Location
  • Tel:+886 2 2361-3160
  • Hours:Mon – Sat 11:30~19:00 | Sun 11:30~19:00

What Else Fun Near the North Gate

Dihua Street, Dadaocheng

The North Gate Taipei

Dihua Street is an old street located in the Dadaocheng area, just only 5 mins walk from MRT Beimen Station. As the oldest street in Taipei, its history and architecture have been preserved due to the city government’s conservation efforts.

Nowadays culture-creative shops, art yard, stylish restaurants, and cafes revitalize this historic street, all of them bring new life to the old Baroque architecture and traditional Fujian-style houses.

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The North Gate Taipei
Photo by Kaizer Bienes on Unsplash

Ximending is a famous outdoor shopping area in Taipei city, has over twenty cinemas, six thousand shops, and street performances, which attracts many youths to here.

Taipei Main Station

The North Gate Taipei

Taipei Main Station is the main transportation hub for people to take Taipei MRT, Taoyuan Airport MRT, High Speed Rail, Railway, City Buses, Highway Buses. In addition, there are a large number of shopping malls located in and around Taipei Main Station.

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Recommended Itineraries 

If you want to thoroughly understand the history and culture of Old Taipei, I strongly recommend that you choose one of these two in-depth tour packages below:

Go on a FREE walking tour with professional young Taiwan local guide, walk through many historic landmarks, learn about old Taipei’s history and culture.

Taipei Free Walking Tour

  • 2.5 hrs Tour
  • English Only
  • the North Gate – the Beimen Post Office – Dihua Street
The North Gate Taipei



  • 2小時行程
  • 中文導覽
  • 北門 – 台北北門郵局 – 台灣博物館 – 台北鐵道部 – 西門意象
The North Gate Taipei
The North Gate Taipei

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Tell us what is your most favorite attraction? What kind of food you would like to try? If you have any questions on your trip to the North Gate Taipei, please leave in the comments below, I will be more than happy to help you out:)

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