7 Must Things to Do in Wulai Taiwan

7 Must Things to Do in Wulai Taiwan

Besides taking hot springs in Yangmingshan and Beitou, there is a place in the south of Taipei where you can enjoy hot springs, which is in Wulai.

Where is Wulai

Wulai district is located in a mountain town in northern Taiwan. It is an Atayal tribal village. According to legend, the name Wulai was originally the term of the Atayal aborigines “Ulay”, meaning hot springs, that’s why the local hot springs are quite famous.

In addition, Wulai Waterfall, blossom cherry, and Wulai old street aboriginal food are also featured.

When you come to Wulai, you can enjoy hot springs, see waterfalls, and try delicious aboriginal snacks.

How to Get There

There are 3 ways to Wulai:

#1 MRT & Bus

You can take MRT to Xindian station [G01], and transfer Xindian Bus #849 to the destination Wulai Terminal Station.

wulai taiwan
Photo from: Xindian Bus

#2 Taxi or Uber

#3 Rent a car

There are many car rental agencies in Tapei, you can choose the car from an online website.

  • Wulai Parking Lot Infomation
Car60 NTD/times30 NTD/hr
Scooter60 NTD/times60 NTD/times

What to Do in Wulai

#1 Enjoy Wulai Hot Spring(烏來溫泉) 

When it comes to Wulai, everyone always thinks of hot springs. In fact, Wulai in the Atayal language means hot springs.

Whether it is the Atayal people who came first or the Han and Japanese who arrived later, they all fell in love with it that can beautify the face and improve gastrointestinal diseases.

There are many hot spring hotels you can choose from in Wulai, below are some recommended hotels. Also, you can use coupons to get discounts.

Re Change Wulai(旅晨)

Photo from: Klook
Photo from: Klook
Photo from: Klook
  • Re Change Wulai(旅晨)


Photo from: Klook
Photo from: Klook
Photo from: Klook

Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort(馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店)

Photo from: Klook
Photo from: Klook
  • Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort(馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店)

Yamakawa Resort(山之川溫泉會館)

Photo from: Klook
Photo from: Klook
  • Yamakawa Resort(山之川溫泉會館)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2661-6969
    • Hours: Mon-Sun 08:30~21:00

#2 Try Wulai Old Street Food(老街小吃)

Wild Boar Sausage(山豬肉香腸)

Taiwanese sausage is one of the popular food in Taiwan that you can see anywhere. But here, the sausage meat is made from Wild Boar, the taste is much chewy and less greasy than usual pork.

There are two popular wild boar sausage stalls on the old street, one is Jacob, and the other is Moon Maqaw.

  • Jacob Aboriginal Wild Boar Sausage(雅各山豬肉香腸)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$35~100($1.1~3.3)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 955-167-796
    • Hours:Mon-Sun 10:00~20:00
  • Moon Maqaw Wild Boar Sausage(月球馬告山豬肉香腸)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$35~100($1.1~3.3)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 919-979-058
    • Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~18:00 | Sat-Sun 10:00~21:00

Iced Hot Spring Boiled Egg(冰溫泉蛋)

One of the popular food in Wulai is Iced Hot Spring Boiled Egg. The eggs are boiled In a hot spring from the river, then chilled rapidly which makes eggs with golden yolk.

  • Gao Jia Iced Hot Spring Boiled Egg(高家冰溫泉蛋)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$15($0.5)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2661-7458
    • Hours:Mon-Sun 08:00~20:00

Millet Mochi(烏來小米麻吉)

You’ve probably eaten mochi elsewhere, but what makes Wulai mochi unique is that they’re made with millet instead of rice.

All millet mochi are homemade freshly, there are four flavors you can choose from peanut, sesame, red bean, and taro.

  • Wulai Millet Mochi(烏來小米麻吉)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$10~120 ($0.3~4)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2661-6163
    • Hours:Mon-Fri 09:00~17:30 | Sat-Sun 09:00~19:00

Millet Donuts(小米甜甜圈)

You must have eaten doughnuts like Krispy Kreme or Mister Donuts, but you must have never eaten doughnuts made with millet.

The millet doughnut comes from the Aboriginal people, with a crispy outer and a filling filled with the aroma of millet and chewy mochi, which is addictive.

  • LRIMUMU TEKE Millet Donuts(莉姆姆的歌小米甜甜圈)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$35~100 ($1.1~3.3)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 914-003-226
    • Hours:Mon-Sat 11:00~20:00 | Sun 09:00~20:00 | Tue Closed

Aboriginal Dishes

Besides snacks, you can try different aboriginal dishes at restaurants on Wulai Old Street, such as Sticky rice in bamboo, Fried wild boar meat, Maqaw chicken soup, Fried river shrimp, and a variety of high mountain vegetables, and other dishes.

  • Shan Di Mei Shi Wu(山地美食屋)
    • Avg. Cost:NT$300~600 ($10~20)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2661-7556
    • Hours:Mon-Sun 11:00~20:00

#3 Take Wulai Log Cart(烏來台車)

The Wulai log cart is 1.6 KM long traveling between Wulai Old Street and the Wulai waterfall. 

It was used to transport logs in the early days, but now it is used to transport tourists.

Taking a log cart is not only an easy way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wulai, but also one of the ways to experience history.

  • Wulai Log Cart(烏來台車)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2661-7826
    • Hours:Mon-Sun 08:00~17:00

#4 Admire the Wulai Waterfall(烏來瀑布 )

Wulai Waterfall is a famous scenic spot in Wulai. The waterfall is about 80 meters high and 10 meters wide. It is known as “Waterfall in the Clouds”.

You can stand in the viewing area and enjoy the magnificent waterfall, or take the cable car to enjoy the whole view of the waterfall.

  • Wulai Waterfall (烏來瀑布 )

#5 Experience Aboriginal Culture at Wulai Atayal Museum(烏來泰雅民族博物館)

The Wulai Atayal Museum is an exhibition with a rich collection where you can learn the history, culture, and customs of the Atayal tribe.

On holiday, you can join the DIY course for learning Atayal weaving, bracelet making, and watch the music and dance show by local Atayal people.

  • Wulai Atayal Museum(烏來泰雅民族博物館)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2661-8162
    • Hours:Mon-Fri 09:30~17:00 | Sat-Sun 09:30~18:00

#6 Ride Cable Car up to Mountain (搭纜車)

wulai taiwan
Photo from: New Taipei City Travel Website

Wulai Cable Car is the first local cable car in Taiwan and the only entrance to Yun Hsien Resort.

It’s a great experience to overlook the entire waterfall landscape from the cable car above the waterfall.

Also if you want to go to Yun Hsien Resort, here is a cheap ticket below:

  • Wulai Cable Car & Yun Hsien Resort(烏來纜車&雲仙樂園)
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2661-6510
    • Hours:Mon-Fri 09:30~17:00 | Sat-Sun 09:30~19:00

#7 Walk on the Wulai Suspension Bridge (烏來吊橋)

wulai taiwan
Photo from: New Taipei City Travel Website

Wulai Suspension Bridge is a three-story, 105-meter-long suspension bridge decorated with traditional Atayal totems, where you can enjoy stunning views of the river.

  • Wulai Suspension Bridge(烏來吊橋)

What Else Fun near Wulai

#1 Bitan(碧潭)

Bitan is a scenic spot located in Xindian District.

It is named Bitan because of the emerald lake.

You can enjoy panoramic views from the suspension bridge over the river, and there are boat rentals under the bridge, you can enjoy boating, ride a bike around the river, and admire the lights at night.

  • Bitan(碧潭)

#2 Neidong National Forest Recreation Area(內洞森林遊樂區)

If you go further up the mountain in Wulai, you will reach the Neidong National Forest Recreation Area, which is a good place to enjoy nature and serenity.

This is also a paradise for ferns, you can see as many as 65 kinds of ferns along the short viewing trail.

There will be a waterfall at the end of the viewing trail. Leaving the sultry city in the hot summer, and enjoying a cool afternoon forest bath at Neidong Forest Recreation Area is a good choice.

  • #2 Neidong National Forest Recreation Area(內洞森林遊樂區
    • Get Location
    • Tel:+886 2 2661-7358
    • Hours:Mon-Fri 08:00~17:00 | Sat-Sun 07:00~17:00

How I Plan My Trip to Wulai?

  1. Make the best of the Klook website to book the tickets, get a discount.
  2. Avoid the holiday crowds, because parking spaces are hard to find or queues are long.
  3. The old street is very short, and there are only a few famous food stalls, so avoid peak hours (mealtime) and weekend holidays to prevent crowds from queuing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, in this post, you’ve learned every information about Wulai, what’s fun and what must eat around Wulai. Moreover, If you still have any questions about your trip to Wulai, please leave them in the comments below, I will be more than happy to help you out:)

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